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It’s taken me a while to get my bearings again, but I’m writing. And, I’m in love. With My Family. With My God. With the place I am in my life. With my HUSBAND. I’m in love and I love it… (See Gateway Church Christmas Carol)!



A tiny bud springing to life

is the heart of one newly saved

and abiding in Christ,

the Liberating King.

Do you know Him?

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Migrating | Check Out the New DIggs!

My dear followers & friends,

I have begun migrating all of my online presence through blogs to their new home. This website will look and feel much the same as this site – except there will be more for you to engage in and all my online writing and happenings will be housed and accessed through the new domain.

Sandi Krakowski encourages those who participate in her coaching and social media programs to bite the bullet and purchase your domain, develop your online presence through a hosted wordpress.org (a paid for blogging platform). I finally decided to make this critical move in my journey. I am really enjoying it. VERY MUCH! I love the new site.

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It’s #Pray4Me Thursday at Michelle Bent

It’s #Pray4Me Thursday at Michelle Bentham Creates! Send me an email, direct message or reply to my tweets and status updates today with your prayer requests and I will pray for you throughout the day! #Appreciation #SeekingtoServeU

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Clean Slate

Sometimes we just need to start over… With a clean slate.

Clean SLate

I must admit when the black screen presented on this very laptop last night I had a bit of panic grip my heart. I have some files backed up on Google Docs, some found in emails and on websites but mostly to my knowledge -they are GONE. You see, over time I have backed up most of my files, but they are on an external hard drive formatted for a MAC. The MAC is still operational with some issues, but there is hope for me yet.

I tried to restore my system without losing any files to no avail. By 2:00 am all I wanted was to go to bed. Buying a new laptop sounds like a plan but alas Mr. Budget says no.

I do have some files on a dusty archaic desktop – and well, I did say the GIMPY Mac may help. I tried backing up what was on this computer pre-black screen ouch! So then I clicked that ominous button that would restore my laptop to its factory settings. ((Eyes closed, holding my breath.)) 

That part worked. (PHEW!)

I reloaded software and began recovering some files – thank God for Dropbox and auto back up.

But much of my computer is a clean slate. As I shared with Scott about my horrible predicament, he said, “So you lost everything?”

Not everything, but lots of things. Indeed. So maybe what I discovered is I am a bit of a techno hoarder. Don’t get me wrong this felt so disappointing and frustrating, but at the same time – it is a bit freeing.

I have a fresh opportunity to replace all of those dated files from a new perspective. (Can you guess where I am going with this?) Yep. Just like 1 John 1:9 where Jesus takes our confession, our agreement with Him about sin, and opens us to receive His cleansing grace and love that washes us whiter than snow. So… I could freak out. Be anxious. Think about those documents that occupied space on the hard drive… Or I could just trust that God knows what I need and anything I could not recover from technology He will supply in spades because He is GOD.

A. FRESH. CLEAN. START. I think I like that. We’ll see when I have to search through Facebook and the media files I have stored online to find that picture I want to download. But really truthfully, I felt overwhelmed by the thought of deleting anything before the crash. So, perhaps God in His infinite wisdom took the thinking out of it for me. 

We’ll see. In the meantime… I am going to fire up the Mac and transfer what files I may need from there to here. 🙂


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Changing Perspectives | Unoffended

A tiny bud springing to life is the heart of one newly saved and abiding in Christ,  the Liberating King. Do you know Him?

A tiny bud springing to life is the heart of one newly saved and abiding in Christ,
the Liberating King.
Do you know Him?

A few months ago I attended a special event coordinated by the singles ministry at our church. This single event has prompted a journey in my life I could not have dreamed possible. The journey to discover what it means to live unoffended.

The Monday after Thanksgiving one known in charismatic circles as a man of powerful healing came and share his story of how God redeemed him from a destructive pit and delivered him into a life of love. Todd White doesn’t believe that God won’t heal someone he prays for… Does that mean everyone gets healed? 

I don’t know. But, I’ve seen and experienced the powerful way this man administers the gifts God has entrusted him to express and offer. He ministers the Gospel of Jesus and walks in signs and wonders. Believe it or not – He reads his Bible and refuses to believe that what he reads about God is not relevant and valid today. He goes to malls and walks the streets of cities around the world offering God’s healing power to anyone who will receive it. He does not give up until he sees God move.

And if that were all, would that be enough? Todd was so radically healed and set free when he met Jesus that he walks the earth, advancing the Kingdom and giving away what he so freely received at salvation.

Todd’s testimony is amazing from FUGITIVE to GOSPEL FREEDOM FIGHTER. A prodigal, if there ever was one, now walking in victory as a son of the Most High God. I will refrain from indulging my desire to tell his entire story because it really is not the point of this post.

You know, I have come to realize in my life that you can argue points of theology, doctrine and the interpretations of learned scholars (men), but the one thing you cannot argue with is the good fruit that comes from one person’s testimony about God’s love, goodness and grace. Based on what I’ve seen of Todd White I cannot argue with the testimony of his faith.

That night as one of my favorite worship leaders stood on the stage and poured out her heart like oil before the Lord my heart opened to receive. As Todd took the platform I realized how much God must delight in this man who donned a Hawaiian shirt, Fivefinger shoes, and lots…

Did I say LOTS?

Yes, Lots. and Lots. Of dread locks. He’s a simple man who walks in the simplicity of his utter faith in God and walks also in great authority and power. Not puffed up with pride, but doused and immersed in love and humility.

Where was I? Oh yea... He took the stage, and this man who looks like he has lived some rough, rough life steps up and starts to speak.

“Whoa! That was worship. Do you feel that? I mean…” He begins to weep. “You shouldn’t sing that stuff if you don’t mean it. Don’t sing it if you don’t believe what those words say… You shouldn’t sing it, man. It’s sick if you do.”

I found myself nodding in agreement and crying along with him. So true.

If I tell you Todd White got all up in my business with his next point, I would not be lying at all. HE. GOT. ALL. UP. IN. MY. BUSINESS. YA’LL. 

I remember thinking: I didn’t know that was even possible! 

Yet, as Todd shared his story I could not get past that one thing. I began to ask God, “What does it look like to live unoffended? ”

As the few weeks that followed led to Christmas I wrestled with God much like Jacob did at Peniel. I came under conviction for all the judgments and offenses I continued to carry. All the times I have uttered the words: “Well, I don’t know about that, but you know she…”

Yea, that’s me, guilty. I’ve done it over and over. Yes, I eventually move to forgiveness. Forgiveness, and not just in the sense I say what they did doesn’t matter or that it is okay, but forgiveness as in I sit before God and acknowledge what the specific person did that offended me. I acknowledge how that made me feel, and I confess any judgments I’ve made against them as a result. I also acknowledge that in and of myself I have absolutely no power to forgive. At the end of all of that, I choose by an act of my will to give every bit of it to Jesus, who earned the right to take that offense and all of its effects along with my judgments off of me and put them on the cross. Then I ask Jesus to give me something in exchange.

Now, it would be nice to sit here and confess right after that moment when I receive from Jesus life-giving power to overcome offense that the issue never arises again. But, that would not be true. I remember one particularly difficult year when I was nursing a broken heart and a particularly grievous offense that threatened a vital relationship in my life. I chose by an act of my will to engage God’s heart of forgiveness early in the journey through that valley of betrayal. But, before I even got to that forgiveness prayer, I sat in my car the night I learned of the offense and prayed, “God I cannot forgive ____________ right now, but You can. I don’t even know what is going on yet. But, You do. So, God I ask You to forgive _____________ and then work that out in me. In Jesus Name, Amen.”

I believe had I not set my heart on forgiving this loved one that very night this story would have come to a very different conclusion.

But, after that day a few weeks later when I engaged my will to embrace God’s grace and mercy, the wound remained like a surgical incision working through the process of healing. Stitched as it was, if you got to close and bumped up against it – it bled, it ached, it throbbed and it even tortured my heart. I would run into the one place I could be alone – the “toilet closet” and sit there on the closed lid of our commode rocking and praying, confessing Scripture until the moment passed. I would say, “Remember… God. Remember, I forgave ___________. We did this. Help me, God. Help me to heal.”

That season changed my life. But, not like this new season is changing my life. 

Right after Christmas an offense rose up between someone else close to me. And God used that as an opportunity to bring Todd’s words from a month earlier home to me. What does it mean to live unoffended? 

After several days, I remembered something that had helped me through the earlier episode where forgiveness became so relevant and healing to me. A pastor I respect and admire sat in a board room and shared about grace.

He said, “God’s grace is what it is. You can’t out-sin it. You can’t undo it. You can’t earn it. You can’t take advantage of it. It is what it is. Once you receive it you cannot lose it.” 

Powerful. Right? I sat there as revelation poured over me like a soothing wash of anointing oil. I knew he wasn’t saying that grace is a license to sin – but, that it covers sin and forgives it. As he spoke I began to feel this awareness come over me so I raised my hand.

He smiled and nodded for me to speak.

“So, what I hear you saying is that if I try to forgive someone out of my grace, they can take advantage of that, they can hurt me with that – because my grace is not unconditional, it is not free. But, if I forgive someone out of God’s grace at work in me, then they can’t take advantage of me or hurt me with it because it was never mine to give in the first place. It is up to God to take care of that – and He is a God of grace.”

The pastor smiled. He picked up his pen and said, “Would you say that again?”

I did.

He then responded. “So, What I hear you saying is that you are not going to be codependent on someone else’s response any longer. You’re not going to live codependent anymore.”

I just nodded and smiled. “That’s right.”

I needed to immediately let go of the thing that hurt me in what my loved one had done. So, I chose not to let it offend me.

Wait. What was that? You read that right. I chose not to let it offend me. 

You are probably asking what I asked that night when Todd White first illuminated this topic for me. “Can you choose not to be offended?”

And, my testimony, is yes. Yes, you can.

In the days that followed God showed me that His heart is that we remain unoffended so we need not forgive. You see, I cannot control what other people say and do to me or around me, but I can control how I respond to it.

Bitterness, prolonged unforgiveness, is like a weed in a lush green lawn. If you let it go unchecked, soon it will take over the entire yard and destroy the beauty that is planted there and instead replace it with dry and drab unsightly scrags that creep along the ground choking the life out of everything around it. Oh… I know I may be stepping on some toes, but it is just where I am in all of this.

If I allow offenses to take root in my heart, at some point I have to go and dig them out. If I don’t they become a root of bitterness that covers up all the beauty God intended for me to receive in this life and contaminates the lives of all those around me. Can I just say weeding the garden is a LOT of work?

So what if we tended the garden by choice, and refused to allow those weedy seeds of offense to enter in the first place?

What I have learned is this… I can walk unoffended, unaffected, by the choices and offenses of others. I must guard my heart and take responsibility for what I allow to take root in it. I am only responsible for what I allow the actions and words of others to do to my heart. I cannot change them, but I can change me – and if I remain unoffended I can pray for them and what it is that is hurting them to be revealed and healed. AMEN?

“Above all else, watch over your heart; diligently guard it because from a sincere and pure heart come the good and noble things of life.” ~Proverbs 4:23 (The VOICE)



Just before Easter I ran across the following video that moved me beyond what words can adequately expressed. It is powerful! Life like that.

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#KillingMonsters | Who is this Woman

As women we often suffer from our own vain imagination and the distorted self-perception we carry through life. Last week, I submitted myself to the painful process of capturing a new headshot for my various online profiles. I could not decide if I liked any of them so I let my husband pick the one of me. I got a great response and as I stared at that photo I thought to myself, “Who is that woman?”

A few days later I sat up alone evaluating that picture and something my daughter said that really became revelation to me in that moment. How is God adjusting your self-perception today?


#KillingMonsters began on Facebook one Monday as women from various walks of life responded to an article about being more than “pretty” by posting “#NoMakeupMonday pics on there status updates. It turned into a movement all about taking down the giants in our life that move against us to defeat our faith. Share your stories about #Killing Monsters HERE.

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Things I’m living to learn

Living to learn… For me it is all about growing up in my identity and relationship with Jesus Christ. He’s alive on the inside of me, active in my heart, my soul and every single aspect of my existence. I cannot escape Him. If the truth is revealed, I really don’t want to escape. I am captivated by the Ransomer of my heart.

Some things that I am living to learn in 2013 keep my attention these days:

  • What it means to truly live unoffended. Living my life with a heart that does not respond to the wounds of offense, a heart choosing to overlook the misdeeds and hurtful or destructive behavior of others, and rather seek to know why their heart responds in this way to their circumstances and the people around them. Not blind tolerance, but gracious love – love that walks beside not ahead or above. Unoffended.

Todd White taught at our home church in November. He said something there that Monday night after Thanksgiving that would rock my world and become one of the things I am learning in 2013. He said, “I am unoffendable.” He went on to say he is tired of hearing ministers saying they are protecting people, exercising boundaries, and deeming some people unreachable. He said he chooses to live by God’s love and chooses not to get offended. He said, “Just love people.” 

  • My husband is a hero. 

Two nights ago my husband and I were sitting in a local restaurant, enjoying our Asian entrees and laughing over fortune cookies. He spotted a couple who live in the house neighboring his parents home here in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metropolitan area. This family and Scott’s family are close. They have spent the years watching each others kids grow up and sharing neighborhood block parties at one another’s homes. They have done life together for more than 20 years. As we left, Scott stopped at their table and said hello. We were greeted with warmth and kindness and glad handshakes-even hugs. Then Ron, the gentleman, he said, “Scott we were just talking about you.” 

My “never-seeks-attention” husband looked surprised. So Karen continues, “Yes, we were. We were remembering the year you and Melissa pulled… (our 2 year old) out of the pool. You and Melissa.”

Scott looked confused at first, all in a days work as a teenager I suppose. Then the recognition moved slowly across his face the way light breaks as a cloud passed before the sun. He nodded, “At Sonja’s house.”

“Yes. Yes. None of us saw her fall in, but you and Melissa and you just jumped in and got her out.”

I listened quietly admiring this man I’ve known for more than fifteen years. Marveling that he had never told me this story. I felt a bit lost in it if I am completely frank about the revelation. I looked at him, and spoke something I’ve known all this time in my heart. “You are a hero.”

He laughed. Shrugged his shoulders and smiled that sweet crooked smile that he gets when he doesn’t know whether to agree or be embarrassed by what I’ve said.

Karen then said, “Yes.”

And Ron agreed. “He is a hero. To us he is.”

My husband is a hero. He saved someone’s life.

  • Letting go is hard. 

In learning to live my life with an unoffended heart, I’m learning that sometimes there are things I’m not even aware that I am holding onto. Letting go is hard. Old patterns and habits do indeed, as the cliche acknowledges, “die hard.” And sometimes the struggle within me feels violent and leaves me overwhelmed and raw. 

Still, something very freeing occurs when the struggle ends. These days the feelings with that long held thing I had to wrestle free fro my heart are gone. The pain doesn’t stir when the person enters the room or the memory of something that happened between us beckons my heart to dwell in the pain. I am not constantly trying to “fix” things all the time, and peace comes very quickly as I ask God to help me deal with feelings stirring in my own heart rather than focus on what the “offender” may have meant or intended by what was said or done. It takes all the angst and turmoil out of relationships when you live in a way that keeps you doing justice in your own heart and listening to the hearts of others seeking mercy and grace in your relationship. It also relieves me of the horrible need I’ve carried to justify, defend and prove myself right.

These are the things I’ve been learning these last few months. I’m so grateful His mercies are made new every morning and no matter how far down the road I am there is more of Him that He wants to grow in me.

These things I’m living to learn. Completely given over to His love.

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